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Love Yourself, Love Your Mind, Believe in YOU!!

Love Yourself, Love Your Mind, Believe in YOU!!

Connect with a Transformational Inner Awareness Life Coach 


Connect with a Transformational Inner Awareness Life Coach 

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Motivational content and transformational leadership: this website-blog is intended to help build a community of people who desire to live their best life of their own design and who choose each day to think freely, independently and creatively. We are willing to put in the introspective effort to recognize and deconstruct our limiting beliefs and limiting thoughts about ourselves and the world.  We allow our breath to be our source of power and our greatest thoughts to design our best life. We choose to break free from the limitations created by other people’s fears and other people’s desires to control us and we embrace the limitlessness of our potential to become.  

My hope is that we feel empowered to let go of the “shoulds” that others have imposed upon us or that we have unwittingly accepted as true and that we choose to exercise our power to transform ourselves.  It’s time for us to let our individual hearts and minds be our guide to life.  It’s time for us to break free from any constructs that say, imply or make us feel that we are inadequate in any way.  This website-blog is designed to give you transformational encouragement that disrupts your current thinking, invokes your power to create, and inspires self-disruptive action in spite of fear or history.  As we journey together in this blog, let’s learn to love, trust and believe in ourselves  as perfectly authorized architects of our best lives.  Let’s no longer simply compete in other people’s constructs; let’s start creating our own.  You are a creator!! It’s a blog created to help you design YOU your way! 

This journey may not be your desire today and it’s ok-it’s always your choice. Please refer a friend to our website-blog!!! Thank you! 

Questions Questions and More Questions !!!

Transformational leadership: Are you at a crossroads in life? 

Do you want to become more or have more but can’t seem to figure out who you want to be or how to get to the next level? 

Do you feel you did what your parents and society said was the blueprint of the good life (go to school, get good grades, go to church, get a good job, get married, have kids) and you did that (or on your way) but still feel like something is wrong, missing or not quite right? 

Do you feel feel like you have been lied to?


Do you suffer from jealousy, covetousness and the what about me syndrome?  

Do you feel like life and people around you are advancing and making things happen for themselves but you are not? 

Are you waiting to receive an answer or direction on what to do next? 

Do you know you have more to offer but can’t quite figure it out? 

Are you simply afraid that technology is advancing so rapidly around you that you may be left behind?  

Are you a people pleaser and don’t want to rock your comfortable boat of living out of fear of the unknown on the other side of comfort? 

Are you afraid that you may not be able to compete in this technologically-advancing society? 

Do you feel the color of your skin, your gender, you personal choices affect your potential growth possibilities in business and life? 

Are you afraid to be yourself? 

If you have asked yourself any of these questions or a variation of these questions, then join our community and let’s explore together what those blocks are, the potential sources of those blocks, how they have limited your thinking and believing about yourself, others and life in general, how they have limited your manifestation of things in your life, and more importantly how to dissolve and replace them and begin living life on your terms.  

Please contact us and let us know what you are struggling with so that we can assist you in your journey to free your thinking mind to become all that you choose to become in this life Today!  

If you are interested in taking this journey with me, please contact me! Email me at shon@freeyourthinkingmind


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You Have Permission to Be YOU!

Trust Your Inner Voice! It’s YOUR perfect guidance system to the life you want to live TODAY! Love yourself!!!! Like Tony Robbins, I am Not Your Guru, but I will provide motivational content and transformational leadership to teach you that YOU are.


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We all have the same 24 hours/7days a week- what are you thinking and doing with your time!

It’s never too late to take control of your mind, your thoughts, your future, your life!  

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